About ModBusKit

ModBusKit is an Objective-C and Cocoa framework for communicating with MODBUS® devices. MODBUS® is a communication protocol for connecting remote devices, and is most often used in industry. The protocol can connect to both serial (RS-232/422/485) and Ethernet TCP devices.

Using ModBusKit

The ModBusKit Cocoa framework OS 10.7has been updated for XCode 4 and Mac OS 10.7 Lion.

ModBusKit can be linked like any other Cocoa Framework in an XCode project. The basic steps to use and connect to a ModBus device are initWithSerial or initWithTCP, openConnection, and then one of the read or write functions. End the connection with closeConnection. All programs should check compatabilityVersion before continuing, to ensure the framework has the proper interface expected.

Further documentation will be available as development continues. As this is only an alpha release, there will be bugs and incomplete implementations. Use at your own risk.

Note that the ModBusKit Cocoa Framework makes use of a C library which is not compatible with IOS (operating system used by devices like the iPhone and iPad). Therefore, though it would be great, it is not currently possible to make an iPhone or iPad app using this framework.

Download & Revision History

ModbusProbe - Version History
Version 1.0.0
July 28, 2009
  • Updates, corresponding to updates with ModBusProbe
  • Added serial port methods
  • Added ability to read raw data
  • Added ability to write data
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Now version information is obtained from Info.plist
  • Updated to libmodbus 2.0.2
  • Updated compatibility version to 3
Version 1.0.0A2
December 2, 2008
  • Updates, corresponding to updates with ModBusProbe
Version 1.0.0A1
May 29, 2008
  • First public release.
  • TCP and serial protocol supported
  • Reading and writing of Coils, Discrete Inputs, Holding Registers, and Input Registers supported